1960s minimalists birth of Minimalism art movement minimalism first minimalist artists historical figures no narrative pure shapes monochrome emptiness art history

  1.    These are few of the many Minimalist artists who started building up the Minimalism Art Movement during the 1960s. Each one of them started developing their own personal style, while at the same time differing from each other. What they had in common, is that they all kept just the very essentials in their art pieces, used pure shapes, had no narrative, often used just one color, and at the same time they stated emptiness -and that’s a really difficult statement to achieve making.

       In addition, we need to take under consideration that Minimalism was evolved a bit after the post-World War II era, and realize that people had really specific influences and experiences that one can easily imagine and assume. 

       Since Minimalism was making its very first steps, there were plenty of things left to discover: Some of the artists experimented with shapes, others with colors, others with textures, and the list goes on. Something really interesting to notice as a viewer, nowadays, is that the most time you spend observing their art pieces, the more easily you can tell who the artist is -they all managed to stand out in a way, and express themselves in a unique, sincerely personal and pioneering for the era way.

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